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When can I lease an apartment?

We are leasing now! Please Visit the Residences at The Promenade to submit and inquiry and see more information.

When will construction begin?

Construction is currently underway and almost complete.

Where is the Promenade at Upper Dublin?

The proposed community is located on 25 acres at the corner of Welsh Road and Dreshertown Road in Upper Dublin Township, PA

What is the proposed for The Promenade at Upper Dublin?

The plan contemplates a mix of high-end apartments integrated with commercial space that includes proposed uses such as a grocery store, restaurants, a coffee shop and other stores. The retail design is small scale in nature and generally includes shops and restaurants each of 5,000 square feet or less. As a point of comparison, big box stores (typically 60,000 sf and up) are not being proposed, the largest two retail spaces are less than 30,000 square feet and the additional spaces are substantially smaller.

What makes high-end apartments different than other apartments people are used to?

The link below will lead to examples of high-end apartments and the lifestyle they provide. These type of apartments contain socially engaging and lavish amenity spaces, including a resort style swimming pool, work out rooms, interior gathering areas and luxury materials and finishes. These type of apartments will cost approximately $2,000 per month to rent. Please see our EXAMPLE of high end apartments.

What other amenities are being provided on the site?

The project proposes a 2.7 acre park area which will connect to over 3 miles of walking trails, water features and other pedestrian links that connect to the surrounding office and residential communities as well as adjacent retail areas and will be open to the public. The property will enjoy extensive landscaping that will provide for a pleasant experience for both the residents of the project and guests who come to shop or visit.